“Beach Time” (Infection House, New Orleans)

Five poems from In Range (Old Pal Magazine)

Five sections from Explosion Rocks Springfield (Harvard Advocate)

Five sections from Explosion Rocks Springfield (Pen America)

“May   Be!” [uncollected] (Poetry Society of America)

Seven prose poetry pieces from Deck of Deeds (Brooklyn Rail)

“Truax Inimical” {a masque for four voices} (from Collapsible Poetics Theater) (Jacket Magazine)

“Eco-Strato-Static” {a poetry radio play in one act} (from Collapsible Poetics Theater) (UPENN)

“Balm To Bilk” {for two voices} (from Collapsible Poetics Theater) (UPENN)

“Memories of Somewhere (To Somewhere Else)” (from Collapsible Poetics Theater) (UPENN)

“Affekt Funereal / Affekt Jamboree” (from Platform) (Georgetown)

“Reflections on Content & Form” and “Il pensieroso” [uncollected]

“Relay, Alpha, Bravo, Charlie” (from To Leveling Swerve) (Tarpaulin Sky)

“Writing” and “The Need Gene” (from To Leveling Swerve) (Dusie)

“62 unità di prosa scritte da malato” (Italian) (from To Leveling Swerve)

“Fourteen Superimposed Pockets of Formally Unified Subjectivity as Mass-Aggregate Social Subject, or Politesse Politique, or, Monologue of the ‘Free Radical’” (from Platform) (Brooklyn Poets)  

“Satire No. 1” (German) (from Platform)

“Present Perfect Progressive” (from Partisans) (O Books)

“Premise No. 1” (from The Disparities) (East Village Magazine)

“Circular No. 7” (from The Disparities) (East Village Magazine)

Inauguración (Spanish) (from Globo-Exilio-Ejercito)