RT reads from upcoming book, The Charm and The Dread (Fence Books, 2021)

RT reads from “Clock, Deck and Movement” (FENCE 10th Anniversary reading – AWP, Chicago, Feb 14th, 2009)

RT radio reading from In Range (WXDR, New Orleans) (2019)

RT in conversation for No Good Poetry podcast (New Orleans), Episode 83: Neo-happenings with Rodrigo Toscano (2018) 

RT pics from Collapsible Poetics Theater (2006-2011)

RT clips from Collapsible Poetics Theater (2006-2011)

RT various recordings (PennSound, large archive of R. Toscano readings)

RT reads from Explosion Rocks Springfield (UPENN, 2015)

RT reads “In-Formational Forum Rousers—Arcing (Satire No. 4)” (from Platform, 2003)